Throwing Bombs in the Consciousness of the Masses: The Red Army Faction and Its Mediality

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When we look at the research on “terrorism,”¹ urban guerrillas, and militant struggles in contemporary history, the role of the media has been strongly emphasized in publications during the last two decades.²

One historic example of great prominence is the Red Army Faction (RAF), whose urban guerrilla struggle had an enduring effect on West German society, especially during the 1970s. Recently, the role of the media in the conflict between the RAF and the West German state has been examined more thoroughly (see Balz 2008; Elter 2008). In this chapter, I will discuss the chosen media strategy adopted by the..
TitelMedia and Revolt : Strategies and Performances from the 1960s to the Present
HerausgeberKathrin Fahlenbach, Erling Sivertsen, Rolf Werebskjold
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