New Keywords: Migration and Borders

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  • Maribel Casas-Cortes
  • Sebastian Cobarrubias
  • Nicholas De Genova
  • Glenda Garelli
  • Giorgio Grappi
  • Charles Heller
  • Sabine Hess
  • Bernd Kasparek
  • Sandro Mezzadra
  • Brett Neilson
  • Irene Peano
  • Lorenzo Pezzani
  • John Pickles
  • Federico Rahola
  • Lisa Riedner
  • Stephan Scheel
  • Martina Tazzioli

“New Keywords: Migration and Borders” is a collaborative writing project aimed at developing a nexus of terms and concepts that fill-out the contemporary problematic of migration. It moves beyond traditional and critical migration studies by building on cultural studies and post-colonial analyses, and by drawing on a diverse set of longstanding author engagements with migrant movements. The paper is organized in four parts (i) Introduction, (ii) Migration, Knowledge, Politics, (iii) Bordering, and (iv) Migrant Space/Times. The keywords on which we focus are: Migration/Migration Studies; Militant Investigation; Counter-mapping; Border Spectacle; Border Regime; Politics of Protection; Externalization; Migrant Labour; Differential inclusion/exclusion; Migrant struggles; and Subjectivity.

ZeitschriftCultural Studies
Seiten (von - bis)55-87
Anzahl der Seiten33
PublikationsstatusErschienen - 02.01.2015
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Funding Information:
Glenda Garelli acknowledges the UIC Graduate College Dean’s Scholar Award. Irene Peano is currently funded by a Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship grant number [PIEF-GA-2011-302425]. John Pickles, Sebastian Cobarrubias, and Maribel Casas-Cortes acknowledge support from the US National Science Foundation BCS GSS Award number [1023543].

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