Media representation of environmental issues in Malaysia: Newspapers and environment non-government organisation newsletters

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This research investigates the types of environmental issues represented in Malaysian newspapers and Environmental Non-Government Organisation (ENGO) newsletters and examines the factors in the selection of stories by both social actors. A quantitative content analysis was conducted on 2050 environmental articles in The Star and Utusan Malaysia newspa-pers, together with the World Wide Fund for Nature’s (WWF) and Malaysian Nature Society’s (MNS) newsletters from 2012-2014. A total of 13 people from The Star and Utusan Malaysia, and 11 from the WWF and MNS were chosen for in-depth interview sessions. The study showed that the methods of choosing environmental information for newspapers and newsletters were slightly different. The ENGOs gave more attention to environmental effort topics like sustainable living while the media focused on more environmental problems like floods. The study also found that the Malaysian media and ENGOs shared some criteria for selecting environmental issues, especially proximity, timeliness and impact.

ZeitschriftPacific Journalism Review
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  • Nachhaltigkeitswissenschaft - ENGOs, environment, environmental journalism, journalism, Malaysia, media, newsletters, newspapers, news values, representation