Humor, revolt, and subjectivity

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This chapter discusses the role of humour for political protest during the Gezi events in Turkey in the summer of 2013. By drawing on diverse theoretical references ranging from Freud to Virno, it argues that humour’s particular structure allows social movements to engage in the construction of political subjectivities alternative to what the norms of the given social order provide. Crucial to this is the self-critical dimension of humour, which is stressed by Freud’s later theory of humour as opposed to the joke or the comic. It helps to engender a process, in which protesters of diverse backgrounds or identities can recompose their mutual relationships.

TitelSubjectivation in Political Theory and Contemporary Practices
HerausgeberAndreas Oberprantacher, Andrei Siclodi
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VerlagPalgrave Macmillan USA
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