Design of greener drugs: aligning parameters in pharmaceutical R&D and drivers for environmental impact

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  • Rodrigo Vidaurre
  • Irene Bramke
  • Neele Puhlmann
  • Stewart F. Owen
  • Daniela Angst
  • Caroline Moermond
  • Bastiaan Venhuis
  • Anna Lombardo
  • Klaus Kümmerer
  • Tiina Sikanen
  • Jim Ryan
  • Andreas Häner
  • Gemma Janer
  • Silvio Roggo
  • Alison Nimrod Perkins

Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in the environment, primarily resulting from patient excretion, are of concern because of potential risks to wildlife. This has led to more restrictive regulatory policies. Here, we discuss the ‘benign-by-design’ approach, which encourages the development of environmentally friendly APIs that are also safe and efficacious for patients. We explore the challenges and opportunities associated with identifying chemical properties that influence the environmental impact of APIs. Although a straightforward application of greener properties could hinder the development of new drugs, more nuanced approaches could lead to drugs that benefit both patients and the environment. We advocate for an enhanced dialogue between research and development (R&D) and environmental scientists and development of a toolbox to incorporate environmental sustainability in drug development.

ZeitschriftDrug Discovery Today
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 01.07.2024

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