DBLPLink: An Entity Linker for the DBLP Scholarly Knowledge Graph

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In this work, we present a web application named DBLPLink, which performs entity linking over the DBLP scholarly knowledge graph. DBLPLink uses text-to-text pre-trained language models, such as T5, to produce entity label spans from an input text question. Entity candidates are fetched from a database based on the labels, and an entity re-ranker sorts them based on entity embeddings, such as TransE, DistMult and ComplEx. The results are displayed so that users may compare and contrast the results between T5-small, T5-base and the different KG embeddings used. The demo can be accessed at https://ltdemos.informatik.uni-hamburg.de/dblplink/. Code and data shall be made available at https://github.com/uhh-lt/dblplink.

TitelISWC-Posters-Demos-Industry 2023 : Proceedings of the ISWC 2023 Posters, Demos and Industry Tracks: From Novel Ideas to Industrial Practice ISWC 2023
HerausgeberIrini Fundulaki, Kouji Kozaki, Daniel Garijo, Jose Manuel Gomez-Perez
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VerlagSun Site Central Europe (RWTH Aachen University)
PublikationsstatusErschienen - 2023
Extern publiziertJa
Veranstaltung22nd International Semantic Web Conference on Posters, Demos and Industry Tracks: From Novel Ideas to Industrial Practice, ISWC-Posters-Demos-Industry 2023 - Athens, Griechenland
Dauer: 06.11.202310.11.2023

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