§ 56a StGB: Gründe für und wider die gesetzliche Dauer der Bewährungszeit

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The lower limit of the probation period under the German Criminal Code is two years. The author examines the legislative reasons for the lower limit and possible consequences of its increase. She refers to general preventive considerations, criminal claim of the state and the idea of resocialization for the perpetrator and shows the link to § 56 StGB, in which the conditions for the suspension of parole are regulated. In the end Magnus proposes to raise the upper limit for the legal possibility to grant probation from two to three years imprisonment and to raise the lower limit of the probation period to three years.
TitelFestschrift für Gerhard Wolf
HerausgeberThomas A. Bode, Michał Jakowczyk, Martin Mrosk, Nikolaus Wrage
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ISBN (Print)978-3-631-77273-7
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