PreCrim: Erforschung von Präventivmaßnahmen

Projekt: Forschung


  • Quattrocolo, Serena (Wissenschaftliche Projektleitung)
  • Schneider, Anne (Wissenschaftliche Projektleitung)
  • Hüttemann, Suzan (Wissenschaftliche Projektleitung)
  • Hafner, Miha (Wissenschaftliche Projektleitung)
  • Silva, Sandra Oliveira (Wissenschaftliche Projektleitung)
  • Universität Ljubljana


This EU funded project is being conducted by a group of scholars, mainly from four European academic Institutions, Università del Piemonte Orientale, Faculdade de Dereito da Universidade do Porto, Universität Mannheim, University of Ljubljana, in order to confront different national regulations of preventive measures with the EU instruments, with a specific focus on the compliance with fundamental rights. In addition to the academic participants, professionals in the judiciary are part of the research group, to offer their every-day experience with the application of preventive measures and with the shortcomings of mutual legal assistance, especially with regard to no-conviction based confiscation.