Cristina-Ioana Apetrei


Cristina-Ioana Apetrei

  1. 2024
  2. Erschienen

    Improving the representation of smallholder farmers’ adaptive behaviour in agent-based models: Learning-by-doing and social learning

    Apetrei, C. I., Strelkovskii, N., Khabarov, N. & Javalera Rincón, V., 01.03.2024, in: Ecological Modelling. 489, 18 S., 110609.

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    The Problem of Institutional Fit: Uncovering Patterns with Boosted Decision Trees

    Epstein, G., Apetrei, C. I., Baggio, J., Chawla, S., Cumming, G., Gurney, G., Morrison, T., Unnikrishnan, H. & Tomas, S. V., 10.01.2024, in: International Journal of the Commons. 18, 1, S. 1-16 16 S.

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  4. 2021
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    Just another buzzword? A systematic literature review of knowledge-related concepts in sustainability science

    Apetrei, C. I., Caniglia, G., von Wehrden, H. & Lang, D. J., 01.05.2021, in: Global Environmental Change. 68, 33 S., 102222.

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  6. 2020
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    Advancing understanding of natural resource governance: a post-Ostrom research agenda

    Cumming, G. S., Epstein, G., Anderies, J. M., Apetrei, C-I., Baggio, J. A., Bodin, Ö., Chawla, S., Clements, H. S., Cox, M. E., Egli, L., Gurney, G. G., Lubell, M. N., Magliocca, N. R., Morrison, T. H., Müller, B., Seppelt, R., Schlüter, M., Unnikrishnan, H., Villamayor-Tomas, S. & Weible, C. M., 01.06.2020, in: Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability. 44, S. 26-34 9 S.

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  8. Erschienen

    Leverage points for sustainability transformation: a review on interventions in food and energy systems

    Dorninger, C., Abson, D. J., Apetrei, C. I., Derwort, P., Ives, C. D., Klaniecki, K., Lam, D., Langsenlehner, M., Riechers, M., Spittler, N. & von Wehrden, H., 01.05.2020, in: Ecological Economics. 171, 9 S., 106570.

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  9. 2019
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    Values in transformational sustainability science: four perspectives for change

    Horcea-Milcu, A-I., Abson, D. J., Apetrei, C. I., Duse, I. A., Freeth, R., Riechers, M., Lam, D. P. M., Dorninger, C. & Lang, D. J., 02.09.2019, in: Sustainability Science. 14, 5, S. 1425-1437 13 S.

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