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  1. 2011
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    Curbing alcohol use in male adults through computer generated personalized advice: randomized controlled trial

    Boon, B., Risselada, A., Huiberts, A., Riper, H. & Smit, F., 2011, in : Journal of Medical Internet Research. 13, 2, S. e43 3 S., e43.

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    Effectiveness of E-Self-help Interventions for Curbing Adult Problem Drinking: A Meta-analysis

    Riper, H., Spek, V., Boon, B., Conijn, B., Kramer, J., Martin Abello, K. & Smit, F., 2011, in : Journal of Medical Internet Research. 13, 2, 13 S., e42.

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    Modeling the cost-effectiveness of health care systems for alcohol use disorders: how implementation of eHealth interventions improves cost-effectiveness

    Smit, F., Lokkerbol, J., Riper, H., Majo, M. C., Boon, B. & Blankers, M., 2011, in : Journal of Medical Internet Research. 13, 3, 18 S., e56.

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  5. 2012
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    Is a severe clinical profile an effect modifier in a web-based depression treatment for adults with type 1 or type 2 diabetes ? Secondary analyses from a randomized controlled trial

    Van Bastelaar, K. M. P., Pouwer, F., Cuijpers, P., Riper, H., Twisk, J. W. R. & Snoek, F. J., 05.01.2012, in : Journal of Medical Internet Research. 14, 1, 12 S., e2.

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  7. 2013
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    Internet-Delivered Interpersonal Psychotherapy Versus Internet-Delivered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Adults With Depressive Symptoms: Randomized Controlled Noninferiority Trial.

    Donker, T., Bennett, K., Bennett, A., Mackinnon, A., Van Straten, A., Cuijpers, P., Christensen, H. M. & Griffiths, K. M., 05.2013, in : Journal of Medical Internet Research. 15, 5, 18 S., e82.

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    An Internet-Based Guided Self-Help Intervention for Panic Symptoms: Randomized Controlled Trial

    Ballegooijen, W., Riper, H., Klein, B., Ebert, D. D., Kramer, J., Meulenbeek, P. & Cuijpers, P., 29.07.2013, in : Journal of Medical Internet Research. 15, 7, 9 S., e154.

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    An internet-Based intervention to promote mental fitness for mildly depressed adults: Randomized controlled trial

    Bolier, L., Haverman, M., Kramer, J., Westerhof, G. J., Riper, H., Walburg, J. A., Boon, B. & Bohlmeijer, E., 09.2013, in : Journal of Medical Internet Research. 15, 9, 12 S., e200.

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    Internet-based, culturally sensitive, problem-solving therapy for Turkish migrants with depression: Randomized controlled trial

    Ünlü Ince, B., Cuijpers, P., Van'T Hof, E., Van Ballegooijen, W., Christensen, H. M. & Riper, H., 01.10.2013, in : Journal of Medical Internet Research. 15, 10, 12 S., e227.

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    For Whom Does It Work? Moderators of Outcome on the Effect of a Transdiagnostic Internet-Based Maintenance Treatment After Inpatient Psychotherapy: Randomized Controlled Trial

    Ebert, D. D., Gollwitzer, M., Riper, H., Cuijpers, P., Baumeister, H. & Berking, M., 10.10.2013, in : Journal of Medical Internet Research. 15, 10, 19 S., e191.

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  13. 2014
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    Short-term effectiveness of web-based guided self-help for phobic outpatients: Randomized controlled trial

    Kok, R. N., Van Straten, A., Beekman, A. T. F. & Cuijpers, P., 2014, in : Journal of Medical Internet Research. 16, 9, 16 S., e226.

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