BMC Medical Education, 1472-6920

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  1. 2017
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    Do virtual patients prepare medical students for the real world? Development and application of a framework to compare a virtual patient collection with population data

    Urresti-Gundlach, M., Tolks, D., Kiessling, C., Wagner-Menghin, M., Härtl, A. & Hege, I., 22.09.2017, in : BMC Medical Education. 17, 1, 7 S., 174.

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  3. 2016
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    A qualitative analysis of virtual patient descriptions in healthcare education based on a systematic literature review

    Hege, I., Kononowicz, A. A., Tolks, D., Edelbring, S. & Kuehlmeyer, K., 13.05.2016, in : BMC Medical Education. 16, 1, 11 S., 146.

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