Andreas Maier

Andreas Maier


Andreas Maier

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    Social network activities as a predictor for phase transitions of patients with bipolar affective disorders: a mobile network approach

    Barbian, G. & Maier, A., 2013, Sunbelt XXXIII : Abstracts, International Network for Social Network Analysis, May 21-26, 2013, Hamburg, Germany. INSNA (Hrsg.). S. 111 1 S.

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    Using Smartphones to Monitor Bipolar Disorder Symptoms: A Pilot Study

    Beiwinkel, T., Kindermann, S., Maier, A., Kerl, C., Moock, J., Barbian, G. & Rössler, W., 06.01.2016, in: JMIR Mental Health. 3, 1, 16 S., e2.

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