Thermochemical heat storage for households: thermal management and chemical reaction

Project: Dissertation project

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To face environmental and living condition issues, it is important to find a way to store heat (generated by electricity production, gas plants) that is supposed to be lost to a high extent. This way of renewable energy could replace/save the fossil fuels in several years. So the development of heat storage device in combination to CHP to compensate electricity fluctuations would be a solution to this problem. This implies new insights through thermochemical (solid-gas) reactions and thermal transfers within and with the overall system.

    Research areas

  • Energy research - Thermal transfers, Heat storage, Cogeneration/CHP, Solar Energy
  • Sustainability Science - Energy Efficiency
  • Chemistry - Chemical reactions, Thermal conductivity, Permeabilty, Salt-hydrates, Composites
  • Engineering - Thermochemical heat storage, Heat exchanger, Process engineering

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