Globally and Locally-sustainable Food-Water-Energy Innovation in Urban Living Labs

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Many cities across the globe experiment with innovative solutions to challenges in the food, water and venergy system. However, issues of food, water and energy are often tightly connected with each other, not only locally but also globally. This is known as the Food-Water-Energy (FWE) nexus. As a result, an effective solution to a local water problem may cause new local problems with food or energy, or cause new water problems at the global level. For local actors, it is very difficult to anticipate whether solutions to one issue in the FWE nexus are sustainable across food, water and
energy systems, both at the local and the global scale. In response, the GLOCULL project aims to develop a novel approach to produce innovative solutions to FWE challenges that are both locally and
globally sustainable, through experiments in Urban Living Labs in seven countries (Austria, Brazil, Germany Netherlands, South-Africa, Sweden and the USA).
Name of research programmeFunded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research; funding measure: SOEF Social-ecological Research in the funding area: International SOEF projects with German participation (SUGI, T2S, JPI)
Contract ID (EU) or Grant ID01UV1801