FairVerkehr - Deceleration of inner-city road traffic through artistic installations

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Lüneburg/Ottersberg/Hamburg. Can artistic installations help to decelerate inner-city road traffic? Answers to this question will be provided by a joint project coordinated by the Leuphana University of Lüneburg. Together with the Technical University of Hamburg and the Hochschule für Künste im Sozialen Ottersberg, the Lüneburg business psychologist Professor Dr. Rainer Höger and his colleagues have now launched an interdisciplinary research project that will collect data over the course of a year in a field trial in two rural communities in Lower Saxony. The "FairTransport" project is being financed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Protection of Lower Saxony with a grant of 100,000 €. The starting point is a pilot project from 2017, when it was discovered that art objects placed in specific areas of the road are fundamentally capable of influencing the driving behavior of motorists to reduce their speed. However, it remained unclear what exactly the effect found was based on and to what extent it remained stable over time. An analysis of the drivers' gaze behavior suggests that the behavior-influencing effect is mainly due to the attraction of attention by the art objects. The driver therefore reduces his speed in order to inspect the art objects more closely without provoking a traffic hazard. The researchers now want to find out, together with the affected resident population, whether art objects can influence or enhance the atmosphere of residential areas in such a way that motorists react by reducing their speed. To this end, artistic installations are to be created in the street space and the reaction of drivers to them is to be determined with traffic measurements and perceptual psychological studies
Contract ID (EU) or Grant ID70200209