Environmental Communication among the Media and Environmental NGOs in Malaysia

Project: Dissertation project

Project participants

The continuous unsustainable development undoubtedly has led to several environmental problems in Malaysia such as air and river pollution, massive landslides, haze, deforestation, illegal logging and too many to be listed. Although environmental problems in Malaysia are getting more serious, the awareness and involvement of the public, especially on environmental issues are very minimal. Regarding these concerns, this study seeks to examine the roles, strategies and barriers faced by two Malaysian media and environmental NGOs in communicating the environmental issues. This study also investigates the richness of environmental information on their website and the representation of the environmental messages on the newspapers and environmental NGOs newsletters. Three methods will be implemented in the research including in depth interview, website monitoring and content analysis. The output of this research is hoping to benefit the environmental NGOs and the media as they can evaluate their ability to manage environmental communication more efficiently in future.