IMOS - Intelligent Modular Multi-sensor Networked False Alarm Free Fire Detection System

Projekt: Forschung


The main objective of IMOS project is the development and the demonstration of a false alarm free fire detection system for large buildings and production plants. This will be achieved by the development of an intelligent multisensor microsystem (IMS) comprising:
An optical multi sensor (OMS), which measures the scattered light and absorptions at least by two different wavelengths and at least by two different scattering angles in order to discriminate between fire and non-fire situations,
A multi-gas-sensor-system (MGS), which is able to measure at least CO, CO2, NO, unburned hydrocarbons and alkaloids,
A neural network running in an embedded system, which will identify smoke fingerprints using all the available sensors information, and teleservice.
Art der FinanzierungGefördert durch die Europäische Union im 5. EU-Forschungsrahmenprogramm
Förderkennzeichen oder VertragsnummerIST-2001-38404