GCSO SolarSpell - Educating those most at risk and hardest to reach: Actionable Sustainability Education Across the Pacific with SolarSPELL offline digital libraries

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The Pacific Islands are globally regarded as a barometer and first line of impact for climate change. These particularly vulnerable island-nations lay at the intersection of vast and complex challenges; in addition to their geographic predisposition to extreme weather events, the remote nature of these islands renders unique infrastructural challenges: internet connectivity and modern, relevant educational information remain inaccessible to most rural Pacific Islanders. Consequently, the individuals most heavily shouldering the adverse effects of climate change are least equipped with the knowledge and adaptation practices to address the devastating impact on their communities.
The lack of reliable access to Internet and electricity, coupled with the cost-prohibitive state of these services, must be overcome to deliver regionally-tailored educational content. Education is critical for these communities to comprehend the climactic forces at play, and then to become skilled responders to climate change, by proactively building resilience within their communities to extreme weather events. By developing sustainable practices individuals and communities will be empowered to become agents of change.
Art der FinanzierungGefördert von Global Consortium for Sustainability Outcomes - GCSO